Selecting the stone type and color for your new countertop is one of the most exciting things you can do for your home. Helping you enjoy this part of the process is paramount here at Mountaintop Stoneworks, Inc. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in selecting the stone that best fits your décor, needs, and budget.


We have a large selection of full-sized granite and marble slabs, as well as a variety of sample tiles, to aid in your decision-making process. We also have remnants for smaller projects. We are confident we can help you find the exact look you desire.

Mountaintop Stoneworks, Inc., also fabricates Technistone and Caesar Stone Quartz materials. These man-made stone products come in a wide variety of colors and styles. From granite to marble or even limestone look-alikes, the quartz materials are aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

Because of the variance in the look of natural stone, you may want to pick out the exact slabs for your project. We are affiliated with many stone slab distributors who will be happy to help you select your stone. These stone slab distributors are listed on the back of this brochure.


What makes GRANITE a good choice? Granite is…

Granite is Natural

Granite is the result of millions of years of geological history. It is the most abundant natural resource on earth. It’s also one of the hardest natural materials. It is inert, does not contain or harbor bacteria, and does not support mildew. It is non-toxic and not composed of carcinogenic resins or ground up materials. It takes very little energy to harvest and convert into a product. It’s recyclable into many applications, making it one of the greenest building materials available.

Granite is Beautiful

Granite is available in an amazing array of colors ranging from subtle to dazzling in intensity. With hundreds of colors of granite to choose from there is something to satisfy even the most particular tastes.

Granite is Unique

Each piece of granite is a work of art from nature with its own personality. Up close one sees all the depth and variations in color. Since no two pieces are alike, the opportunity to hand select your stone provides you the ultimate custom experience.

Granite is Worry-Free

Because it is so hard and dense, granite is the most durable surface you can install. Granite is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. Anywhere From hot pots and pans, to sharp knives, even the toughest kitchen tools would be hard pressed to damage a granite surface.

Permanent and Everlasting

Granite is one of the hardest natural materials on earth. Its durability and practicality are unsurpassed in the solid surface industry.

Granite is Maintenance Free

Not all granites require sealers. For those that do, some only require1 application, others once every year to every 3 years. Regardless, the application of sealer is quick, easy and mess free. Routine maintenance is no different than you already practice. Just warm water and a washcloth. A great secret for any countertop surface is an occasional cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Granite is Practical

Due to its durability and ease to maintain, granite is ideal for kitchens, baths, food service areas, bars and desks. It adds a touch of sophistication to any area.

Granite is Versatile

Granite can be used throughout the home. Consider the statement it makes on fireplace surrounds or hearths, bathroom vanities, windowsills, floors and tables. The possibilities for the enduring beauty of granite are endless. Exterior applications have been in use for many years. Stone clad buildings and stair cases have stood the test of time and have become the #1 choice for architects and designers around the world.


What makes MARBLE a good choice?

Marble is Natural

Marble is the result of millions of years of geologic history. Heating and Compression of a sedimentary parent stone, such as limestone, sandstone, or slate into another type of stone. This is why it is called a metamorphic rock. Because of the high pressures and heat each of these stones formed unique characteristics giving it the “marbled look” it’s known for.

Marble is Beautiful

Marble is available in an abundant variety of color, movement and intensity. With hundreds of variations of marble to choose from there is something to satisfy every taste.

Marble is Unique

Each piece of marble is a work of art from nature with its own personality. There are even some marbles that contain fossils from pre-historic eras. Even From a distance, one sees the flowing patterns in their entirety. Since no two pieces are alike, we are pleased to offer the opportunity of selecting the specific materials that will be used for your project.

Marble Requires Some Maintenance

Marbles do require more maintenance than granite. Because they are softer than granites, they are more susceptible to staining and damage from everyday use. Special precautions can minimize the impacts of everyday use. Versatile Marble can be used throughout the home. Fireplace surrounds or hearths, bathroom vanities, tub & shower surrounds windowsills, floors and tables. Marbles have been used for millennia as a building material.


What makes QUARTZ a good choice?

Quartz is Consistent

Because Engineered Quartz is a man made material there is great control with color and texture. They can produce the same product over and over. The samples will represent the product very accurately.

Quartz is Versatile

Engineered Quartz excels at mimicking natural stones that are soft and prone to damage with kitchen use, such as Limestone, sandstone and some Marbles. They also can produce unique colors not found in nature like “Fire engine red” and Bright pastels for example.

Quartz is Worry-Free

Because it is made of polymer resins, Engineered Quartz requires few special precautions. Quartz is always non- porous and is virtually stain proof. It is very durable. The only disadvantage would be heat. The same quality that gives Engineered Quartz its stain resistance (resins) makes it susceptible to burning. It is recommended you do not put hot items on its surface.

Quartz is Maintenance Free

By simply using warm water and a soft cloth for clean-up jobs, Engineered quartz retains its look and feel. Because it is non-porous, there is never a need to sealer your Engineered Quartz surfaces.

Quartz is Practical

Even though Engineered Quartz is the new guy on the block, it is an ideal alternative for kitchens, baths, food service areas, and bars. It performs well for many applications.